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School Structure Progress

September 19, 2012

Work is moving along very steadily, though there's been some delays, due to the rains hitting Saiphai a bit early, and things getting pushed back from then onwards. They are a good month behind schedule, but John reassured us that they are working as hard and fast as they can to complete the construction!

Structure going up

This is an overall shot of the school structure going up. The skeleton of foundation, posts and beams is almost done, and the left half is being prepared for pouring of the concrete slab. Note the pile of gravel in the foreground, and the pile of overburned bricks to the right. All had to be brought up by "head-load", as the big trucks still don't want to use the approach road because of the rain.

Closer shot

Closer shot of the workers mixing concrete to pour the beams.

Gravel Factory

Gravel "factory", local style. Wherein larger stones are reduced to smaller gravel-sized stones by hammer. These are local women from Saiphai village who, despite the tediousness of the task, are very happy to have a chance to earn the income. They are paid for the gravel when they deliver it to the worksite, carrying it in those woven baskets strapped to a yoke around their neck/shoulders.

The Team

Shot of the team, from L to R: Head construction worker; John Milton Pulamte, Headmaster; Mr. David Chongrothang, Construction Supervisor; John L. Pudaite; and 2 of the construction workers.